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Protostudios can provide technical expertise to your already existing team. We can provide a range of services, from consultation and training, to design and manufacturing. Along with their 3D printers and CAD software in their downtown office and labs, they also have access to additional fabricating resources at the university and at Iowa’s two other public universities: Iowa State University and the University of Northern Iowa. Student interns also work on customer products and are ready-to-hire, trained staff for Protostudios customers.
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Throughout every aspect of your product research, Protostudios has the equipment, expertise and resources to help you take your initial sketches to a final product, beginning with your research phase.

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Engineering Services

Using a combination of theory, computer aided design and functional testing, Protostudios can help ensure your great idea becomes a great product.



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Industrial Design

Work alongside our industrial designer to develop a complete production plan that allows you to scale up to mass production without sacrificing quality.



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The prototyping phase is crucial for projects of all sizes, whether it's a single proof-of-concept, usability testing of separate models or test fitting. 



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