Whether you're an entrepreneur in the initial research and development phase or ready to ramp-up your company's production to expand your marketshare, Protostudios has an affordable, reliable solution to fit your needs.


Work alongside our industrial designer to develop a complete, detailed production plan that allows you to scale up to mass production without sacrificing quality. Our expertise in the field, along with state-of-the-art prototyping, printing and machining equipment, is the perfect bridge between small-scale production and mass production.

Product Dev Process Infgrapahic
01 Initial Feasibility Meeting Icon

Initial Feasibility Meeting

Protostudios will set up an initial client meeting to discuss the potential product idea and evaluate the feasibility of accomplishing the project. 

Service Agreement & Retainer

Client will sign service agreement and submit 50% retainer.

02 Service Agreement & Retainer
03 Initial Design Session

Initial Design Session

Protostudios will gather additional information from the client for ideation and brainstorming.

Product Design & Prototyping

Begin CAD/Digital creation services and rapid-prototyping process. Several iterations can be expected based on complexity of the design.

04 Product Design & Prototyping
05 Design Review & More

Design Review & More

Protostudios will arrange a review session with the client to discuss edits for the next iteration.

Hands Holding Prototype

Ramp Up to Full-Scale Production

Are you ready to take your idea to the next stage of deployment? We can help you complete material and technical feasibility tests, create a manufacturing plan, and build molds for full-scale mass production.

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