Research is a manifold task, consisting of both theoretical and practical elements across multiple dimensions including aesthetics, durability, ergonomics, market demand, and many more factors. The ability to take your theoretical brainstorms into practical testing quickly, efficiently, and affordably can make the difference between success and failure.

Quality research is the foundation of a quality product. Throughout every aspect of your product research, Protostudios has the equipment, expertise and resources to help you take your initial sketches to a final product, beginning with your research phase.

Research and Discovery

Explore established industry trends, identify potential problem areas and brainstorm innovative solutions. During the research and discovery phase, the possibilities are endless and every idea is investigated.

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Data Collection

Develop prototypes, create test scenarios and put your initial intuitions to the test. Some ideas which were great on paper run into pitfalls during this testing phase, while other ideas become surprise successes.

Documentation and Analysis

Create actionable solutions based on your carefully collected and analyzed data.

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Usability and Ergonomics

Once you've determined what is feasible, explore the ideal through complete usability and ergonomic testing. Take advantage of your Protostudios membership and create a series of rapid prototypes to complete your ergonomic testing and get to market faster, and with a better product.

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