Student Associates Program

Protostudios is passionate about providing real-world experience for college students. By providing job opportunities through our Student Associates program, they not only benefit from the additional financial resources that come with having a job, but they also develop valuable skills for future employment.


Student Associates Current Team


Drew Dillon Jr. Headshot.jpg

DJ Dillon

Senior Prototyping Associate

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Mia Scoblic Headshot.jpg

Mia Scoblic

Senior Prototyping Associate

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Adam Holmes Headshot.jpg

Adam Holmes

Senior Prototyping Associate

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Sam Akerman-Knopf Headshot 2023

Sam Akerman-Knopf

Junior Prototyping Associate

Charlie Killian Headshot 2023

Charlie Killian

Junior Prototyping Associate


Student Associates Alumni

Paige Harken Headshot.jpg

Paige Harken

Student Graphic Designer Alumni

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Maxwell Swartz Headshot.jpg

Max Swartz

Student Associate Alumni

After Graduation:

Prototyping Engineer at Iowa Rotocast Plastics Inc.

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Ronald Farwell III Headshot.jpg

Dean Farwell

Student Associate Alumni

After graduation:

Embedded Engineer at Athena GTX in Johnston, IA.

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"The university not only enables innovation in medicine, they also foster innovation and real world experience in entrepreneurship. Through a university-specific program, students are able to collaborate with investors and customers and use their skills in a real-world environment. Romans explained, 'These students will actually have direct contact with our clients, helping them with those product ideas and doing the prototyping, getting that hands-on experience. If we can get motivated students and give them connections with companies, including project work, our hope is those companies would hire those students.'"

Stratasys, "Pursuing Possibilities"

Paige Taking Photos

Interested in working with us?

Our positions are open to University of Iowa Engineering and Design students (Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors graduating after December 2024). 

Responsibilities include rapid prototyping operation and maintenance, 3D print processing, and client product design and development collaboration. Must be curious, hands-on, reliable, able to work independently, and have good communication skills.


Ready to apply?

Send us an email to let us know you're interested in joining the Protostudios team.