Spencer Kuhl

Director of Operations (On temporary leave)

Spencer Kuhl is the Director of Operations at Protostudios where he oversees the production and assembly of medical and consumer prototypes at the three Van Allen Workshops.

Before joining Protostudios, Mr. Kuhl was a research scientist specializing in the areas of HPC data visualization, renewable energy load balancing, and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), as well as SDR (Software Defined Radio), TVWS (Television White Space) WiFi broadcasting, IoT (Internet of Things), STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) educational outreach.

Prior to joining Dan Reed’s research laboratory, he was a research assistant, experimental device engineer and software developer at the WM Keck Dynamic Image Analysis Facility where he developed four dimensional long term live cell experimental techniques, experimental devices including protein micro-array printers, micro-fluidic devices, novel microscope customizations and software while investigating 3D cellular reconstruction and morphometric analysis, monoclonal antibody cancer therapeutics, and in-vitro 3D extracellular matrix human primary tumor microenvironments among other projects.